Mack Trucks Historical Museum FAQs

Is there an admission fee for a Museum tour?

Because the Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, there is no admission fee for a tour. However, a $5 donation per visitor is suggested and greatly appreciated! Your contributions go directly to our efforts to preserve the history of Mack Trucks and their impact on the trucking industry. If you would like to donate to the Museum, please click on here: Donations

Is the Mack Museum on Social Media?

Yes! We have Facebook and YouTube.

Does the Mack Museum have a gift shop?

The Mack Museum does not have our own gift shop. However, Mack Trucks, Inc. owns and operates the Mack Shop that offers a “Heritage Collection” There are multiple physical stores as well as an online shop.

What is the history of the Mack Bulldog hood ornament?

The Mack Bulldog radiator cap ornament was patented and released as Part Number 4BF26 in October 1932. Please reference the Bulldog Ornament History document for additional information.

What are the Mack Bulldog ornament color designations?

Our Bulldog Ornaments are hand-dipped in Chrome, Gold, Copper and Black. As Mack is a custom truck builder, there are more than likely a few exceptions. Please reference the Bulldog Color document for additional information.

How many different logos has Mack had over the years?

Mack has had several name changes and ten logo design changes since 1911. Please reference The Mack Logo Evolution document for reference.

I have a question about the G-Model.

We receive many inquiries about the G-Series model, for quick answers, please reference the G-Model FAQ document.